Thursday, December 27

Numbers 151 through 160

my eyes and the beauty it sees
my mouth that enjoys different tastes be it of food, of a juice, or of a kiss
my nose that allows me to smell so many fragrancies, be it of a perfum, a dish, a flower or the smell of his skin
my ear that listens to the sound of the sea, of the wind, of the music, of his voice, of my voice, of the silence, of 'I love you'
my hands with which I use to type this and I use to touch the face of a loved one
my legs that takes me anywhere
my skin that feels the cold, the warmth, the breeze and that is so soft
my hair that even when it lost its curl is still here with me molding my face
my voice that allows me to sing, to speak, to say 'I love you' out loud,
my love for myself that allows me express sensuality and sexuality in a loving way


Monday, December 24

Numbers 141 through 150

Christmas with family
Christmas trees
Christmas presents
Christmas stockings
Christmas decorations on the houses
Christmas dinner
Christmas Eve
Christmas pudding
Christmas morning
Christmas Day

Now I won't get all mushy and too religious, but I'm very thankful for what Christmas actually is, which is Jesus' birthday.


Sunday, December 16

Numbers 131 through 140

first kisses
bike riding in the rain
staying up all night
curling up next to the fire with a good book
making cookies and just eating the cookie dough


Friday, December 14

Numbers 121 through 130

Friends, the TV show
my mum
my mum,
my mum


There were only nine in this list, and I'll just add on one more. I'm thankful (very, very, very thankful for) my mum. :-)

Wednesday, December 12

Numbers 111 through 120

my blog
Charmay "The Wrinkle Warrioir"
My daughter's blanket (Her Yellow Me)
The Delete Key
Speaker Phone
Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream
Tax Refunds
Lava Lamps


Saturday, December 8

Numbers 91 through 100

when it is the boys' bedtime
hot chocolate
fuzzy socks
my cell phone
my eyesight


Whoopee! There are one hundred things to be thankful posted on this blog. I just want to say thank you to everyone who has posted, I really enjoy reading your lists and I hope you do as well.

You might have noticed that there are only nine items on this list. I've taken one of Monique's out (she said friends.)

I wanted the 100th thing (or person) to be Monique. She gave me my very first list, and has been very kind and helpful. Thanks so much Monique, and please check out her blog.

Thursday, December 6

Numbers 81 through 90

my house
my ponies
my dog
my karate lessons
paper to write on
computer (what else??!!)
my camera
love from my family
pocket money (oh for the love of pocket money)
the ability to laugh at the people who are hurting me with their words
and lots more!!


Monday, December 3

Numbers 71 through 80

I'm thankful for my children who have given me a reason to live

I am thankful for my husband, who is supportive, caring and loving

I'm thankful that I had parents that cared

I'm thankful for a warm bed and a place to lay my head

I'm thankful for four seasons

I'm thankful for volunteers

I'm thankful for God

I'm thankful that death does not take away my memories

I'm thankful for lessons learned

I'm thankful that you asked us to share what we are thankful for

-Rose DesRochers

Numbers 61 through 70

my parents
our house
lights to keep it bright
my brother
sketch pad
water to drink

-Big B (age eight)

Monique's son

Thanks so much Monique, you're such a help!

Sunday, December 2

Numbers 51 through 60

having compassion
being loved
times of reflection
chocolate ice cream
ability to giggle
being a girl
my height
loving family


Saturday, December 1

Numbers 41 through 50

cell phones
raspberry truffles
a crispy dollar bill
swear words for those special times that need them
free music
space heaters
blank paper
down syndrome
free giveaways


Wednesday, November 28

Numbers 31 through 40

the cat whom I love more than anything in the world
fleecy blankets
corny joke books
sparkly blush
birthday presents
tissues for big sneezes
tea (which I just left upstairs, ug!)
oil paints


Monday, November 26

Numbers 21 through 30

the gift of life
understanding amongst strangers
a good sleep


Sunday, November 25

Numbers 11 through 20

my sons, known in the cyber world as Big B and Little B
my health
the hope I hold that my husband and I will work things out and save our marriage
that my house is warm when it is so cold outside
vanilla dr pepper
the comfort of cuddling my black lab Lucky
my boys going to grandma's tonight so Mommy can have a night off
I have kept a plant alive for 2 1/2 years now, that is a first for me


Saturday, November 24

Numbers 1 through 10

cheese fries with extra cheese
hot chocolate
the Gilmore Girls
massage chairs
fuzzy socks
Rubik's cube cheat sheets
coleslaw on a baked potato