Thursday, December 27

Numbers 151 through 160

my eyes and the beauty it sees
my mouth that enjoys different tastes be it of food, of a juice, or of a kiss
my nose that allows me to smell so many fragrancies, be it of a perfum, a dish, a flower or the smell of his skin
my ear that listens to the sound of the sea, of the wind, of the music, of his voice, of my voice, of the silence, of 'I love you'
my hands with which I use to type this and I use to touch the face of a loved one
my legs that takes me anywhere
my skin that feels the cold, the warmth, the breeze and that is so soft
my hair that even when it lost its curl is still here with me molding my face
my voice that allows me to sing, to speak, to say 'I love you' out loud,
my love for myself that allows me express sensuality and sexuality in a loving way


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